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Renowned Addictive Behavior Specialist Dallas Taylor provides drug and alcoholism interventions across the United States of America.

Statistics show that one out of every three people in the US is living with someone or is related to someone suffering from alcohol abuse or drug abuse. In the end, it does not really matter what the addiction is. What's important is that the addicted person gets into drug abuse treatment and this is where the addiction intervention comes in.


March 6, 2015

Interventionist for  Addiction Treatment Programs, Addiction Recovery Professionals, Addiciton Rehab Directories

Medical treatment centers for drug addiction, eating disorders and recovery professionals. Sentencing services programs develop comprehensive, community-based sentencing plans for eligible drug offenders. Addiction interventionists help drug addicts by intervening in a loving way to get them some form of help. Find help with addiciton treatment directory.

Drug Rehabilitation, Alcoholism Treatment Centers, Addiction Medicine, Intervention, Recovery Professionals

  • Adult Drug Rehab, Adult Alcohol Addiction Treatment, Young Adults Rehab **
    Cottonwood de Tucson, Cottonwood Recovery
    Tucson, Arizona

    Our intensive program includes a strong, solid base of medical management, twelve-step recovery concepts, family involvement, group therapy, nutritional counseling, and experiential therapies. Individualized treatment planning allows for effective treatment of co-occurring disorders.
  • Tucson Wellness Retreats, Oro Valley AZ wellness program, Avtar Nordine Zouareg, Mr. Universe **
    Arizona Wellness Retreats
    Tucson - Oro Valley, Arizona

    Avtar Nordine Zouareg, internationally-acclaimed wellness, fitness and self-development coach, and former Mr. Universe, welcomes you to Arizona Wellness Retreats.
  • Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Treatment for Women
    Sandy's Place
    Newport Beach, CA

    At Sandy’s Place we take a unique and comprehensive approach to alcohol and substance abuse treatment. We hold in our highest esteem to honor the individual and to customize a treatment plan that is unique to her. In collaboration with Orange County’s most respected and experienced treatment professionals, we will equip you with the tools needed to return to your life, fullled and engaged, both personally and professionally.
  • Behavioral Healthcare Consultants, Addictions Treatment Consulting Services **
    Peak Consulting Partners
    Phoenix, Arizona and Denver, Colorado

    Peak Consulting Partners is a firm focused on the business of mental health and addiction treatment organizations. We help our clients improve financial performance, enhance competitive positions, and achieve the most productive organizational alignment among staff, management, and Board to optimize overall performance.
  • Recovery for Men, Recovery for Women, Outpatient and IOP services
    Hotel California by the Sea
    Newport Beach, CA

    At Hotel California by the Sea, we take a unique and comprehensive approach to the treatment of alcohol and substance abuse. It is the aim of our licensed clinical staff to meet you “where you are”.
  • Addiction Treatment for Men, Executive and professionals **
    Second Story Ranch
    Newcastle, OK

    Second Story Ranch offers a one of a kind recovery environment and experience which prepares residents to return to their personal and professional lives with confidence, courage and support.
  • Drug Rehab Colorado, Addiction Treatment, Alcoholism help **
    Harmony Foundation Inc.
    Estes Park, CO

    Harmony is one of the longest running and most successful treatment programs in the world. We provide the foundation for sustained recovery from the diseases of alcohol and drug addiction. Harmony is a state-of-the-art residential affordable addiction treatment program, confidentially nestled on a 43 acre campus in the Rocky Mountains, just outside of Estes Park, Colorado.
  • Orange County Sober Living **
    Pacific Shores Recovery
    Newport Beach, CA

    Located in beautiful Orange County, California provides sober living home environments and transitional housing solutions for those recovering from alcohol and/or drug addiction.
  • United States Intervention Services **
    United States Intervention Service, Northern Calif
    California Bay Area

    Alice Tanner's combination of professional training and personal experience with the disease of addiction allows her to offer an unparalleled perspective to individuals, families and businesses when confronting this powerful illness.
  • Recovery Resources, Trusted Drug, Alcohol, Behavioral Health Treatment Centers **
    Passport To Recovery
    Tucson, AZ

    Find addiction treatment and mental health centers here. Passport to Recovery features carefully selected addiction treatment and mental health centers who've earned outstanding recognition and credibility in addiction treatment specialty areas. Find drugs programs and treatment facilities.
  • Outpatiemt Addiction Services, Co-Occurring Disorders, Sober Companions
    The Center - Newport Beach Outpatient Services
    Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, California

    We offer comprehensive services to support client’s recovery from drugs and alcohol at our outpatient treatment center in Orange County. Our concierge style treatment allows client to utilize each service as needed, whether it is for the short-term or for up to a year after beginning treatment with us.
  • Southern California Drug Rehab, Alcoholism Treatment and Recovery
    Hope by the Sea
    San Juan Capistrano, Southern California

    Welcome to Hope by the Sea, a high-quality, effective Drug Rehabilitation Center. We are a Southern California Drug Rehab center located in San Juan Capistrano. As a dedicated team of trained professionals, we offer individualized treatment programs for drug rehab.
  • Christian Drug Rehab, Alcoholism Treatment **
    Celebrate Hope
    Orange County, Southern California

    Celebrate A New Life is a Christian Residential Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Program, located in the coastal communities of Orange County Southern California.
  • Alcoholism Treatment, Older Adult Treatment Track, Detox, Drug Rehab
    Hemet Valley Recovery Center
    Hemet, California

    Hemet Valley Recovery Center and Sage Retreat offer a full continuum of care including: Acute Medical Detoxification, Rehabilitation, Partial Hospitalization, Residential, Outpatient, and Sober Living. Our license as a Chemical Dependency Rehabilitation Hospital (CDRH) enables us to provide programs and specialty services all in one facility.
  • Miami Florida Substance Abuse Treatment and Counseling, Outpatient rehab **
    Family Recovery Specialists

    Family Recovery Specialists offers adolescent and adult substance abuse counselors, treatment and consulting in Miami. Florida. We work to treat the unique needs of those who suffer from substance abuse and addiction. Our highly individualized and comprehensive approach to treatment can help you or a loved one break free from the devastating effects of substance abuse and addiction.
  • Holistic Zen-based addiction treatment and enlightenment
    Zen Recovery Path
    Costa Mesa, CA

    The Zen Recovery Path, in Southern California, seamlessly blends Ancient Far East healing traditions with empirical evidence based addiction treatment and psychotherapy.
  • Men's Rehab, Spirituality in Recovery
    Arrowhead Lodge Recovery
    Prescott, AZ

    If you, or a loved one, are struggling with a substance abuse addiction and feel like your life is spiraling out of control, then you have come to the right place. Arrowhead Lodge offers a solution for adult men who want to recover from addiction and regain their dignity, self-respect and their life.
  • Lancaster California treatment center for alcoholism and drug addiction recovery. **
    Design for Change Recovery
    Lancaster, CA

    Design For Change Recovery Services is a full service recovery center that offers tiered levels of treatment for drug addiction and alcoholism. Located in beautiful Southern California, our residential alcohol and drug rehab in Lancaster CA and its staff create the perfect environment for the recovery process to begin
  • Chemically-Dependent Adult male Treatment, Louisiana Residential Addiction Treatment **
    St. Christopher's Addiction Wellness Center
    Baton Rouge LA

    St. Christopher’s Addiction Wellness Center offers a variety of treatment services for chemically dependent and/or dually diagnosed males ages eighteen and older and their families.
  • Alcohol, chemical dependency and behavioral health programs and treatment **
    Successful Recovery
    Newport Beach, CA

    For over a decade Successful Recovery, located in beautiful Newport Beach, California has been a leader in providing treatment and transitional housing solutions for those recovering from alcohol and/or drug addiction.
  • Southern California Drug Treatment **
    10 Acre Ranch
    Riverside, California

    Alcoholism and drug recovery programs are provided to addicts needing affordable residential treatment, using a 12 Step-based, Drug Court and Probation Department-approved recovery programs
  • Twelve Step and Non-Twelve Step Addiction Recovery
    AToN Center
    San Diego, CA

    The AToN Center located in San Diego County specializes in the treatment of addiction, substance abuse and co-occurring disorders.
  • Independent retirement living, Glencare Home Health, Premier Place
    The Glenview At Pelican Bay
    Naples, Florida

    The Glenview at Pelican Bay is an equity ownership, not-for-profit retirement community wholly owned by its residents. On site at The Glenview is Premier Place—a Five-Star, Medicare-certified healthcare and skilled nursing center,
  • Interventionist Services, Addiction Counseling
    Intervention Service
    Birmingham Alabama

    Intervention support and help to families, friends, and co-workers who have a loved one that suffer from addiction problems
  • Intervention and Addiction Referrals **
    Dallas Taylor Interventions, Interventionist,
    Beverly Hills, Los Angeles California

    Dallas Taylor, former drummer of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, is a renowned drug and alcoholism interventionist who devotes his time to working with recovering addicts and their families.
  • Economical Drug, Alcoholism Treatment for Men
    Whiteside Manor Addiction Treatment
    Riverside California

    Drug and alcoholism treatment center that's dedicated to complete recovery. Affordable, Economical, Most Insurance Accepted
  • Women and hormones, hormone replacement therapy, John R Woodward M.D,
    Women and Hormones
    Dallas, TX

    Many women who would benefit from hormone replacement therapy (HRT) have quit taking estrogen or refuse to consider it at all.
  • Alcoholism, Drug Addiction Rehab South Florida
    Synergy Group Services
    West Palm Beach Florida

    Drug and alcohol rehab center located in West Palm Beach South Florida, Synergy Group Services utilizes Traditional, holistic, and Alternative Medicine. Most major insurance and credit cards accepted.
  • Sober Living, Addiction Recovery and Wellness **
    Doron's House
    Malibu, Santa Monica, CA

    Our private sober living home in Los Angeles, situated between Malibu and Santa Monica, was founded by Doron Sears and is staffed with addiction and recovery personnel with extensive experience in addiction treatment, addiction recovery and wellness.
  • Bio-identical hormones, menopause, DHEA, Pro-hormone
    About Hormones
    Dallas, TX

    Abouthormones.org is an informational website to help explain hormones, menopause and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (HRT) - including DHEA, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, estradiol, thyroid hormones human growth hormone (HGH) and HCG.
  • CA Addiction Treatment for Men, Extended Care Men **
    Pace Recovery Center
    Huntington Beach, CA

    PACE Recovery Center is an exclusive gender-specific, extended care program for men struggling with chemical dependency and behavioral health issues.
  • Addiction Recovery Resources, Together AZ, Arizona recovery and behavioral health publication **
    Together AZ
    Scottsdale, AZ

    Together AZ is published monthly as a popular resource to provide comprehensive and cutting edge information on addiction recovery and behavioral health. Check out previous issues, the media kit and our advertisers page.
  • Christians based Rehab, Christian Residential Treatment **
    Christians Based Rehab - Celebrate a New Life
    Southern California, Orange County

    Our goal at Celebrate a New Life is to help you experience the healing power of God to face everyday challenges—without resorting to substance abuse.
  • Drug and Alcoholism Rehab, Christian drug rehab California **
    Celebrate - Drug and Alcohol Intervention Services
    San Juan Capistrano, CA

    This site provides you with what you need to know about interventions and about the addict you are trying to help.
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